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Review: Routine Death – Comrade | NOTHING'S TOO GOOD
Review: Routine Death – Comrade

Sep 19, 2023 | Culture, Music

Husband & Wife psychedelic duo “Routine Death” have released their 3rd record “Comrade” earlier this month and in our estimations it’s their best yet.

The album takes a look into its psych heritage but intentionally appears to narrow the scope to influences from the 80s and 90s. Refusing to lean into the 60s/70s sounds contemporary artists often rely on, “Comrade” remains focused on grasping its influences but looking forward rather than backwards.

The record starts with “Rundgang” a swirling, pretty and melodic opener which conjures images of long open roads, the title of which translates roughly from Swedish as “Round Trip”. 

From there we move to the deeper shoegaze stylings of “Becoming A Monster” with its heavily distortion and reverb laden guitars and soaring harmonizing vocals. 

One thing this album does exceptionally well is its synthesizer led tracks like “Marla” and “Turnaround” that nod to the Post-Industrial Sheffield sound.

Routine Death also never shy away from sound collage, noise and instrumental based tracks like that of “Look at The Glory of Man” or “Yellow Food” which give just the amount of pause on the record to reset before chucking you back in with some catchy Shoegazing. 

The album also features an excellent Gothic Synth Wave cover of Gouge Away, which is just as noisy as the original but seemingly more sultry.

Listen Up:

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