Eyedress: Review

Feb 23, 2021 | Culture, Music

Eyedress latest release “Let’s Skip to the Wedding” comes as the first since the Filipino Lofi star moved from Manila to LA. A dramatic change for the multi-instrumentalist indie hero, who’s rise to prominence amongst internet dream-pop obsessives in 2013 saw Eyedress signing with XL Recordings, becoming the first Filipino musician to be signed to a Major label in the UK.

Renowned for jumbling styles and genres to create a unique, psychedelic experience, Eyedress, real name Idris Vicuña, has continued to provide warming, analogue synths, jangling guitar sounds and reverb laden vocals that echo, dissociatively in the backdrop.

The record transitions from Sultry, funk driven tracks like “Never Want To Be Apart” to the laidback vaporwave stylings of “X-Girl”, which is followed by palette cleanser “I Don’t Want To Be Your Friend”, a frantic, guitar driven piece featuring Londons King Krule. 

After a handful of fast, surf punk inspired tracks, Eyedress takes it back to the relaxing, spaced out vibes of tracks like “Anything for You” and “Pick Up Your Phone” which channels G-Funk synths and Vocoder effects.

Staying true to form, Eyedress provides a bundle of tracks, most under the 3 minute mark so by the time you’re at the end of track 19, you’re ready to start again. A sublime telling of growing up, moving on and moving country.

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