Scenic Simpsons: Surreal Art In Cartoon

Feb 23, 2021 | Art, Culture


Since around 2016, the creator of the now iconic Instagram account @scenic_simpsons has been curating a gallery load of beautiful, surreal and truly artistic frames from Matt Groening’s animated sitcom giant. 

The mystery connoisseur has a keen eye for the colourful yet stylistic cel animation technique used by the show in the 80s & 90s, prior to a switch to more technically savvy and advanced techniques the show adopted from the start of the 2000s. 

As well as displaying the real artistic and visual merit of these episodes, @scenic_simpsons highlights a distinct visual difference between the old and the new. In the same vein as vinyl enthusiasts and the handful of nutters still desperately trying to find “Selected Ambient Works” on Cassette tape, our animated tour guide chooses the warm, vintage, nostalgic backdrops over the polished scenes of the new millenia. 

 We’ve selected a handful of our favourite choices from the ever growing @scenic_simpsons gallery. 


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