George Fields: Interview

May 12, 2021 | Culture, Music

We had a chat with UK Based Boom-Bap Producer George Fields to discuss his musical journey from rural Dorset to international beat maker and the development of his distinctive sound.

For the last year we’ve all had to spend a lot of time in doors, I suspect this works quite well for you? How have you found it creatively?

Thanks for having me. You’d think lockdown would be perfect for me! But weirdly it has kinda sapped all creativity. When there is so much uncertainty in the world it’s hard to find inspiration. Suddenly all shops were closed and I lost my side hustle of selling clothing / vinyl. Infact I hadn’t made a beat for so long I started questioning if I’d lost it. Maybe it’s time to hang up the headphones? But thankfully I made a beat today, it’s a remixing for Lewis Parker and Kashmere. The creativity is starting to flow again and I’m excited to start working on some projects. 

Last year you released “The World Of The Tiny Insect” and “Tomorrow’s Sun”, both incredible albums, when were these made?

These had been in the works for around 3 years! I worked on them together which was fun but It was hard to decide what beat would go on what project. For a moment Mushed was going to have vocals on, but I really wanted it to end the insect album so it remained as an instrumental. 

From your latest releases to the now internationally renowned “From The Sticks” your sound has evolved to include more electronic instrumentation, maybe slightly less samples and some trap influences whilst maintaining the core “Fields Sound”, was this a subconscious evolution or did you make the effort to switch it up?

It was just a natural evolution. I purchased a Roland Juno 106 from DJ Drinks in 2015 and once I heard how fat it was my mind exploded. That was the start of my synth addiction haha. The insect album was my exploration into electronics. Because the concept was weird it allowed me to explore sounds and things I wouldn’t have otherwise. I really didn’t just want to make ‘Beyond Realm’ again, I wanted to do something different. 

Part of your mystique, is that rather than being from a major city, you’re from Bridport in Dorset. Has being a country boy helped or hindered your career so far? 

That’s interesting, probably abit of both. I love Dorset and I definitely think it comes through in my music. I feel incredibly lucky to live here. I know if I lived in a city though there would be a lot more opportunity. But I’m also a very introverted person, I let alot of opportunities pass me by even on the internet, that’s just the type of person I am.  

You can certainly tell from your music you’re an old school, analogue, crate digging type of producer, has this changed at all in recent years? What’s your home set up like?

Although I’m using alot of synths I still hit the record crates. Sampler wise for the most part I’ve been using the SP 1200 and Ensoniq EPS. Trouble with old synths and samplers they’re forever breaking. I recently went down to Jazzcat repairs and dropped off my MPC 3000, MPC 60 and SP 12 which he has completely pimped up! It’s actually weird to have so many things working properly again.

Unlike a lot of UK artists, rather than being limited by audience, you seem to have a strong fanbase in the US and regularly collaborate with US rappers, was this by accident or design?

It just fell that way, I’ll work with anyone from anywhere just as long as they’re dope! I just did a track with UK rapper Ash The Authour hopefully that’ll come out this year sometime. Most of the time I just do instrumental though because it’s just so much less hassle. 

What artists are you really feeling at the moment? Any recommendations?

Yeah, my bro Graphwize has got beats! Also IceRocks is banging out some flavour. Crabbman recently released a really dope album too. There’s alot of great hip hop around at the moment. 

Is the famous “From The Sticks” pylon still there?

Sadly they got taken down in 2013/14ish. There was tons of them, it was quite an important radio station in it’s day, it was even a target for bombing in WW2. My friend did work experience there when he was at school. He said you needed to wear a radiation reader or something when going into the fields they were in. I just hopped the fence and went under them all for these photos haha, so I’ma probably die of something horrible one day.  

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