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Discovery: Uncle Keir | NOTHING'S TOO GOOD
Discovery: Uncle Keir

Oct 12, 2021 | Culture, Music

We chat with Uncle Keir, a one man Dream-Pop upstart whose catchy psychedelic sounds are both headphone listening and boogieable.

So your debut single “Tether” came out last year, a sublime mix of dream pop & psychedelic rock, where have you been hiding? Have you worked on other projects previously? 
I have been hiding in my bedroom writing songs! I am currently in a few bands, some more active than others and I have a few other solo projects for releases across a few genres, but you can catch my playing live music in my bands Thysen, and Tidesetter, and can catch my darker experimental solo project ‘Wizzardstorm’ on record 
Your upcoming release T.G.E is quite an introspective work, driven presumably by being stuck inside during the pandemic, has being locked away helped your creative process?
It’s definitely changed it, before the pandemic I didn’t think I realised how much inspiration I drew from working with other musicians, and from being able to use being at home making songs as an escape. during the pandemic I think this came a lot more common practice for me, so I had to find other ways to change my approach when writing and recording to keep myself on my toes. 

Being a solo artist, making what we would characterise as quite “busy & big” sounding music, we’d be interested to know what hardware/software you’re using and if you collaborate?
I write and record all my music in Ableton at the moment, I have always enjoyed writing in a DAW, the process of setting a drum best and trying to right a song to it I find is as close to jamming with your pc as you can get. That being said I’m in the process of assembling a live band at the moment, and trying to work out how to get one drummer to play a part that I didn’t realise was impossible to play by a human sometimes doesn’t help matters, but fortunately there are some really great musicians around me who are willing to give it a shot, so some more collaborative efforts are on the horizon 
You’re based in Leeds, which despite having a good music scene is probably known more for punk and post-punk bands like Gang Of Four and more recently Eagulls, is there a scene there you fit into? Any artists we should keep an eye out for? 
As I haven’t really played live i wouldn’t say I fit into a scene here presently, but there is a great calibre of bands that are currently based in Leeds, I try to go to see bands live regularly to keep on the ball, but we are also lucky to have some really good venues in Leeds like Wharf Chambers, Mabgate Bleach, and Hyde Park Book club where local promoters are championing some of the best local bands. Lately I’ve been really enjoying music from bands like Van Houten, Green Gardens, Scum, English Teacher, and Fuzz Lightyear who are all really worth checking into 
Outside of music, where do you draw inspiration from?
I grew up in North Yorkshire and I’m a big fan of ancient history, we are blessed with a variety of neolithic sites and protohenges, so I love to spend time in these places for some of the best vistas Yorkshire has to offer, what does a good view not inspire eh?
Aside from that during the pandemic I used to spend most my time staring through my window while working from home, and I was lucky to have a Red Kite that used to roost nearby and fly past my window a few times of the day, resultingly 80% of my songs are secretly about birds
Is T.G.E the first of an album/E.P? When can we expect more?
Yes it is! It is the first single off an upcoming EP I am working on, I can’t confirm a release date yet as there is still some work to be done on the arrangements, but rest assured there will be an EP on the way, tastefully named “The Whole Hog”. 
Ok, You’re on death row, what’s your last meal?
I would just want to cook something for the last meal, I love making food so I would probably go for a big roast, I was raised vegetarian so I have a big soft spot for mushroom wellingtons and Yorkshire puds, I like to think if I’m going to die after eating it, I may aswell try to drown in gravy 

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