Interview: No Teeth

Mar 14, 2022 | Culture, Music

We spoke to emerging Newcastle Noise-Rock band No Teeth about their latest EP “The New Nuisance”, Warren Studios and Ale.

How’s the last few years been for you guys, did you spend a lot of the pandemic working on this latest EP?

We are serial timewasters and made no effort to formulate our ideas during the pandemic, frankly we were rather preoccupied organising the pilot for a game show that was unfortunately knocked back by every UK network. Not even ITV would air it, so you can imagine it must have been pretty dire.

“The New Nuisance” picks up from your earlier singles with abrasive dissonance but is at the same time undeniably catchy, is it hard straddling a whirl between “rock” band and esoteric noise, are you conscious of trying to find a balance?

We are conscious of very little. We have no sound and all ideas are on the verge of being formulated. The idea that we are to be considered a “rock” band of any sort is laughable as that implies that we are a band at all, we are simply 6 men trying to sound louder than one another.

I’m sure comparisons will, or have been made between the South London scene of Fat White Family & Meatraffle, particularly around the way you diverge from generic post-punk & indie clichés, have these bands influenced the sound at all?

Word travels far but as we have previously stated, the wash of hideous wailing you call our “sound” is nothing more than a happy accident. Imagine us to be less of a group of people nodding whilst they compare musical ideas and more of a group of street pigeons scrapping over the last crumb of discarded pastry, which would usually result in bloodshed.

For those outside of the North East, is there a sound you feel is specific to Newcastle? Which bands should people be listening to?

Non-music chaos is avid amid the meandering Geordie streets. We have been watching for some time as it envelops our home and for once we have been paying close attention. You have the sisterhood of SMUJ, the R-R-R-Roxygirls and the ladies at Wagtail who are all close allies of the syndicate. As well as this there are Penance Stare, Smote, Blom, Swine Tax, Lovely Wife and Gonzo Dog to name a few who we do love so.

It’s clear from the music, cover art and lively performances that having fun is a central part of the band’s ethos, is this carried over into writing and recording or is that all business?

This is a common misconception, we hate fun. In fact we try to avoid anything fun, that means no playing catch, no frisbee and no playing with ourselves on public transport of any kind. Pre-gigs are a solemn affair for the most part, a lot of tears and whimpering.

Have all of you got a full set of teeth?
Everyone asks this, of course we do. We’re not delinquents.

You’re one of a few bands we’ve interviewed recently who’ve recorded at The Warren Studio in Sheffield, magic water in the steel city or does the studio just have a certain magic?

We love the Warren. It’s like a cave of sexual frustration in there, hot sweaty bodies writhing against one another. I think that comes across in a lot of their output. We absolutely adore all the Blank Expression bands who have made their fortunes in that plywood cavern, the ineffable Richard Carlson Band and Tinned Meats have made some of the most vigorous and unrelenting compositions we have ever heard.

Finally, Newcastle Brown or Craft IPA?
Both are exiled for different reasons, IPA is for idiots who don’t know what beer tastes like. And Brown Ale is tastes of nothing but treachery since they outsourced their production to Tadcaster, wazzocks.

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