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Jun 8, 2022 | Culture, Music

We talked to up and coming UK rapper half pipe about dream collaborations, live performances and chicken cottage. 

Where are you from, where are you at?

I’m from Leicester, North West London based. Been here for a few years and it’s very quickly turned into home! I can’t imagine being out of London these days.

We can hear lots of influence from Golden Era Hip-Hop in your releases so far, are you feeling any contemporary artists as much as the greats?

Honestly I could go on forever. The standouts for me right now are Hiatus Kaiyote, Earl Sweatshirt, MAVI & Navy Blue. From round our way it’s gotta be Lord Apex, Archy Marshall, looms, Loyle Carner, dylantheinfamous, lowkick, Tenant…… like i said i could go on! really i’m just tryna combine all my music & non-music influences and create something that reflects myself.

How did you and Producer AlexW start working together?

Technically we met at uni, we were on the same course, but really we met at a spoons in North West. We started chilling together last spring and that friendship grew into a pretty sick collaboration. It’s the same way I met our guitarist Luke and our sax player Eoin.


If you could collaborate with any artists, alive or dead, who are you picking and why?

Ok there’s a couple, I’m going from different angles here but first I’m picking Knxwledge. The way he flips samples is still a mystery to me and that’s a similar direction to the one I’ve been taking in terms of beat choice, I just know we would make a heater. Also sticking with producers I’m taking Rick Rubin solely because I know it’d be some mad spiritual experience just being in his presence and I’d take away so much from a collab with him, not just in a musical sense either. AND last but not least, I have to choose a lyricist and it’s gotta be MF DOOM. I think his name alone speaks for itself. RIP <3 

You incorporate guitars and saxophone into your live performances, do you see this expanding to a full band?

hopefully yes! I’d love to have a whole band playing my tunes. You get that intimate vibe when its a live band and that’s definitely something I’ve been manifesting, i’m sure it’ll happen soon enough

You’ve released 2 great EPs so far, can we expect an album soon?

Safe!! I’ve dedicated the majority of this year solely to creating so it’s a case of picking the best tracks to go onto the next project. Got a few singles lined up over the summer which I’m really excited for, but you can expect a mixtape (if all goes to plan) this autumn, and the album early 2023. 

McDonalds or KFC?

kfc. but honourable mention to chicken cottage it’s better than both!

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