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Jun 29, 2022 | Culture, Music

We chat with Divorce Finance about their debut single Django and Peaky Blinders inspo quotes.

So tell us about Divorce Finance, where are you from, where are you at?
Divorce Finance are fucked-up Americana band from the wilds of West Yorkshire. Started as a home-recording project in the depths of lockdown one, we’ve developed into a full five-piece band; knocking on the doors of Leeds’ premium live acts.
Your first single “Django” takes post-punk elements and combines them with rockabilly guitar stylings, are the 50s your primary source of inspiration?
I wouldn’t call the 50’s our only inspiration per se, but I am a huge fan of the warm simplicity of the Sun Studios Rockabilly/Country sound. Cold War nostalgia is a big part of what we do and I enjoy channelling and satirising classic sounds and song structures of the 50’s/60’s/70’s. I like to think the juxtaposition of these “Golden-Age” sounds and values against my lyrical observations of what the world became creates some sort of sleazy hauntology. People seem to enjoy it. 
“Everyone still thinks they’re Mark E Smith” – is this a rejection of the wave of “Art Rock” we’ve seen take hold in the UK over the last 10 years?
It’s a comment on the ever-more uniform sound of everyone’s favourite blanket-term: the music that is now known as “post-punk”. The song is about examining generational difference in opinion of what makes a “hero”; and whilst to me Mark E Smith is one of the only names mentioned who would be somewhat worthy of that title, half the cunts ripping him probably wouldn’t of even heard of him till they heard Do Nothing on Radio 6.

Where did you get the name Divorce Finance?
It actually comes from a conversation I overheard on the train once. It was between a pissed-up homeless bloke and a middle-class suit who was going through a divorce and very obviously in need of someone to talk to. I found something particularly profound about this connection they found on the train; two people who usually wouldn’t have given each other the time of day trying to find some sort of common ground in their entirely separate miseries; homelessness and “Divorce Finance”. I originally wrote the term down as a lyric, but then our guitarist Dr Fuck declared that it had to be the band name; and so we were born.    
What can we expect next? 
We’re in the studio for a couple of days in July which should be fun and we are eager to come down and spread our message in London in the very near future. We also might put out the original lockdown EP that started it all at some point soon, if you’re all lucky. 

This track rails against the contemporary culture sludge we find ourselves in. If you were going to overlay a quote onto a picture of Tommy Shelby smoking a cigarette, what would it say?

“Nothing makes me hornier than the love of Jesus Christ”

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